Project summary

CECI aims at improving and developing regional policies through promoting citizen involvement in circular economy. Changes in consumption patterns are essential when striving towards lengthening product life cycles through reuse, repair, remanufacturing and refurbishment as well as energy saving. At the same time, the adoption of sharing economy reduces the need for new products and generation of waste. In the project, Good Practices on citizen involvement are transferred related especially to sharing economy services e.g. tool/toy library, and repair services.

In CECI, eight partners from six regions share a strong interest to exchange knowledge of services and citizen involvement in circular economy. The content is in line with the objectives of the EU Circular Economy Package. Through the project, local, regional and national cooperation will develop. CECI will support regions to develop circular economy strategies and solutions, where citizens are in a key role.

The activities include a citizen dialogue on local/regional level, as well as interregional capacity building to support the impact on policy instruments. Through the exchange of Good Practices, the partner regions will be better equipped to develop their Action Plans on citizen involvement and circular services. Well-prepared thematic workshops, round-table discussions and site visits will form the basis for sharing expertise and drive the partners towards joint policy development.

As a result of CECI, the partner regions will develop knowledge on the importance of citizens in circular economy, and gain expertise in implementing new solutions. In addition, CECI will raise public awareness to create a demand for sustainable services. The changes in consumption patterns will create circular economy business opportunities, green growth and jobs. The Good Practices from the project partners will be documented and shared for wider EU use through the Policy Learning Platform.

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Project period:

1.8.2019 – 31.7.2023

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