Are you currently dealing with a particular issue in your company?
Are you stagnant? Are you looking for someone to show you a new way?

Thanks to Expand, you will identify a particular problem and obtain an adequate expert to solve it quickly. This will lead you to cutting costs. You don’t need almost any administration and on top of that the process takes places at a highly personal and professional level.

What areas does Expand help solve?

Organisation (succession, delegation of responsibility to employee…)

Development of entrepreneurship and sales (strategy, development, introduction of the product on the market…)

Financing (financing a fast growth, connection with investors…)

Cooperation (connection with strategic partner, foreign enterprise, university, research institute…)

Who is Expand for?

The programme aims at the owners of small and middle-sized companies located or operating in the Moravian-Silesian region. It is mainly for companies which: have their own product/service and aim for a faster growth, want their own product/service, resulting in a higher profitability, implement advanced innovations and lack necessary experience.

More about the cooperation

All support is provided under de-minimis rule, and is divided into two stages

1. stage

Problem analysis, proposed solution, implementation.
This stage takes up to 40 hours, and the service is fully covered by MSIC.

2. stage

Implementation of proposed changes, reaching of agreed specific objectives.
This stage takes up to 80 hours, and the costs of the expert work are equally divided between MSIC and the company.

For more information please contact

Kamil Košťál +420 775 707 885