Kick it off!

Do you have an idea you believe in? Do you feel it’s the right time to become independent? Do you want to start your business, but are uncertain where to begin?

PodReg (An Entrepreneurial Region programme) strives for a higher number of entrepreneurs in the Moravian-Silesian region. It helps motivate all inhabitants across the region, supports interesting projects and attempts to find for them experts in technology and innovation.

Which areas does PodReg deal with?

Having no barriers, PodReg supports ideas from all fields.

Who is PodRreg for?

The programme is virtually unlimited by anything. It is important that the person is really interested in doing business and is convinced that her/his product or service and business can be successful.

About the cooperation

Cooperation on a personal basis is divided into five stages

1 stage

Preparation and submission of business proposal in the form of BusinessCanvas and personal characteristics.

2 stage

Selection committee, on the basis of the BusinessCanvasses, will choose the best proposals which will be invited to “elevator pitch”.

3 stage

Allocation of financial support in the form of a multilevel, gradually released Start-up voucher. It can be used for services, equipment and specialised training. Throughout this stage is possible to make use of expert services from a range of different fields.

4 stage

Active cooperation with selected coach, setup of financial plan, market analysis, sale plan, progressive allocation of financial support from the Start-up Voucher, etc.

5 stage

Project which successfully completed the previous stages can be regarded an efficient and functioning company.


Within the PodReg programme, financial support up to CZK 500,000 can be obtained in the form of a Start-up Voucher. For more information on the conditions of the grant program and the application form, please visit the MSK webside. .

For more information please contact

Irena Hluchníková +420 608 676 044