Spread your wings!

Is your company growing at such a pace that it is hard to control? Do you have an idea or a product with a high global potential and you are uncertain as to what to do first to get it on the market?

The programme will enable you to accelerate your project, gain inspiration in the form of future prospect, you will use know-how from team workshops and from individual services delivered by selected mentors. You will obtain contacts to the right people who will help you scale-up your business by connecting you to right business partners (investor, multinational companies etc.) and verifying the generated ideas.

What areas does ScaleUp help tackle?

Scenarios of future development, main directions

Disruptive innovations, fine-tuning the development, product validation

Entering global markets, protection of intellectual property

Leadership, building and motivation of the team and business partners

Governance of company finances and growth

Who is ScaleUp for?

For ambitious owners with a fast growing company, with an innovative, globally applicable product/technology/service.

More about the cooperation

All support is provided under de-minimis rule, and is divided into two stages

1. stage

Team workshops, gaining competence for reaching and controlling a dynamic growth.

2. stage

Individually set support programmes according to specific needs of participants.

Clients’ experience

The programme is in the pilot stage.

For more information please contact

Daniel Zaleski

daniel.zaleski@ms-ic.cz +420 724 862 322