Shape it!

Do you need to improve your product or are you considering the development of a brand new one? You are still searching for the right people to help you make an effective use your competitive advantage?

An effective application of industrial/product design that in collaboration with leading designers helps develop technical devices and aids, which satisfy the customers’ needs, as, for instance, industrial machines, leads to savings in finance, time, space and a fast ROI. In the course of the programme, you will meet leading experts in the field and be offered a variety of trainings.

What areas does TechArt help tackle?

The main area of TechArt is industrial/product design, service design.

Who does TechArt aim at?

The programme focuses on small and medium-sized companies located or operating in the Moravian-Silesian region, which want to raise their market share, or enter new markets through re-designing their product. Also, if they intend to diversify the risk and lower their dependence in the value chain by creating a brand new product.

How does the cooperation work?

In the early stages of the cooperation, the participation in specialized sessions under TechArt programme is necessary, as well as proper understanding of industrial/product design in the later stage, it is possible to apply for financial support which covers cooperation between SME and selected designer. The financial support is provided under the de-minimis framework. There are 3 stages of financial support:


1 stage

Entering the Expand programme.
An in-depth product analysis from the viewpoint of particular requirements and needs of the customer, searching for “patent locks” and business argument. It can last up to 40 hours and is fully covered by MSIC Expand programme.

2 stage

Application for TechArt Voucher.
The company, in cooperation with a selected designer, will ask for a grant to support their cooperation on creation of a functional 3D model. The grant can cover up to 75 % of total costs

3 stage

In case company wants to carry on cooperating with the designer and simultaneously, stage 2 results were positively evaluated, it is possible to continue with the project e.g. supervision of the construction and technology production. The Grant can again cover up to 75 % of total costs.


Within the TechArt programme, financial support up to CZK 200,000 can be obtained in the form of a TechArt Voucher. For more information on the conditions of the grant program and the application form, please visit the MSK website..

For more information please contact

Lenka Ďurková +420 720 028 734