Are you looking for premises in the campus of the technical university for your company? Do you want to be in the vicinity of inspiring business people and technological companies? Do you need an attractive environment for your events?

We believe that cooperation, an inspiring, innovative environment and mutual support are the pillars of a functioning community.

MSIC aims to connect people and build a community. We offer an attractive shared environment, which, apart from co-work in the MSIC premises, also offers a network of, amongs others, marketing and technological experts from different fields, capable of participating depending on the particular needs of entrepreneurs and companies in the implementation or validation of projects.

we offer

Rent of offices in the Piano, Viva, Trident building.

we provide

Conference halls for a variety of events, including supplementary services, such as catering, adjustment of premises, help with the organisation and promotion of a particular event. More detailed information can be found in the offer of events.


For more information please contact

Lukáš Oramus +420 597 305 999