The purpose of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as MSIC) is to develop the innovation ecosystem and improve the business environment. We provide services and programs that help small and medium-sized enterprises and startups grow and innovate. Key elements include quality education, research and development, and collaboration on new technologies, their implementation, and introduction into companies.

What MSIC brings to the region:


  • Enhanced global economic competitiveness.
  • Accelerated business growth through the services offered.
  • Creation of new job opportunities.
  • A greater pool of talented individuals in the region.
  • Inspiration for starting their own businesses.

We support entrepreneurs in creating high added value through innovation, selling it under their own brand globally, and thereby bringing wealth back to the region. Rapidly growing companies with the potential to generate new jobs inspire others to start businesses, shifting the perception of the Moravian-Silesian region from a place focused on traditional industries to a globally economically competitive area. We aim to ensure that people in our region thrive and do not seek employment and self-realization elsewhere.

What we aim to achieve:


We aim to increase the number of local entrepreneurs, as well as companies with high growth potential and aspirations to sell new products and services to the world. MSIC serves as a catalyst for the creation and development of economic activities. We connect companies with public organizations, especially in the fields of science and research, bringing new impulses and forms of collaboration to the ecosystem.

Our role is to provide services that are not spontaneously offered in the region or are not available in the desired quality, at an affordable price, or under other relevant conditions. We complement the commercial offering and contribute to improving the environment for business and innovation in Ostrava and the Moravian-Silesian region.

Our Journey:


In 2017, we were established through the transformation of the Ostrava Science and Technology Park, a.s. Over the past 5 years, we have succeeded in increasing the volume of services provided, the number of positive changes among entrepreneurs, and the overall impact on business in the region. Together, we have implemented over 610 transformative projects that have affected more than 320 clients with their headquarters or operations in the Moravian-Silesian region.

We have been successful in identifying companies with high growth potential and added value for the region. We help them enter global markets and accelerate their growth. We connect relevant entities, enhance competitiveness, and boost the ambitions of companies throughout the region.

We provide a support system for companies engaged in research and development. Currently, 84% of them are located in T-Park, and we aim to maintain their high representation in the future. Additionally, half of our clients take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with universities.


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